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Coaching and Consultancy Packages to support the SRA Statement of
Solicitor Competence A, C & D.

Supporting In-house Lawyers to achieve their goals and be exceptional in the workplace.

  • Are you ready for the SRA Statement of Solicitor Competence regime?
  • Have you ever been surprised about a bill from your external providers?
  • Does your external law firm talk at you (or even about themselves) rather than talk to you or ask you what your needs are?
  • Have you been told by a law firm that they have the best team to support you – only to find that nothing gets done if your contact is away?
  • Have you set up a great relationship with your external contacts only to find that the people reporting to you and them don’t get on? And you are therefore constantly smoothing relationships.
  • Have you found yourself the ‘tennis ball’ between the business and the outside counsel who both talk a different language?
  • Have you experienced promises not being kept by your external law firms?

An open-ended coaching/consultancy support package is always available depending on your specific requirements/needs. From my experience working with lawyers to become exceptional, I have found that a modular structured approach can be highly effective in supporting you to deliver a first class legal service to your organisation with your external providers. This modular approach has also been aligned to the SRA Statement of Solicitor Competence. View more info on Competencies A - D here.

Choose from any or all of the following sections to create your tailor made package:

SRA Solicitor Competence A support includes:

  • An emailed questionnaire to ascertain the strengths and areas for improvement under the new SRA Competencies as well as your own organisation (if they have these)
  • Assistance in preparing your development plan and record for the next 12 months for you to comply with the self-assessment part of the SRA learning and development framework
  • A telephone review coaching session on your plans.

This client relationship management package includes access to best practice communication and influencing techniques in for building rapport and connecting with the business including devising a strategic plan for becoming a trusted adviser.

This departmental module provides best practice techniques to help you bring out the best in your team, achieve consistency of approach, conducting motivating appraisals and deals with how to effectively handle team conflict issues. For those just starting will also include how to define the role and responsibilities of the team within the business.

This module includes access to best practice tips, techniques, key performance indicators and templates set out in our book Managing External Legal Resources, in setting up a tendering process to ensure that you get the panel you want for the services you require at the price you want.

This includes access to best practice tips and techniques in developing in legal function including how to present with impact to the Board and the team. This module will support any leadership schemes being run by your organisation.

Each module consists of three one hour telephone-coaching sessions supported by email and templates and notes. Each module can be expanded where appropriate.

To help you decide on, and design, the package that is exactly right for you, contact me now to book your 1-hour telephone diagnostic review. We can discuss your specific requirements and begin creating your strategy. This call is complimentary — my gift to you — with no obligation to buy.

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